Move scrolling state history save/restore from nsScrollBoxFrame to nsHTML/XULScrollFrame




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This is a step towards the goal of eliminating nsScrollBoxFrame. I will attach a
patch that moves the session history save/restore code from nsScrollBoxFrame to
nsHTML/XULScrollFrame. Apart from the main goal it has some nice side effects:
-- nsPresShell no longer needs to know about the scrollframe guts
-- nsListControlFrame had some fairly bogus save/restore code of its own that
can now be eliminated

The only tricky thing about this patch is making listbox save/restore continue
to work. To be honest I'm not sure how it was working before --- in fact, it
really wasn't. The listbox and its scrollbox *both* tried to restore history and
also competed with nsListBoxFrame::ResetList trying to scroll to the selected
option. On trunk, usually ResetList wins which means any selected item will be
scrolled into view when you return to a page. I regard this as a bug because it
means listbox scroll history is currently mostly useless. It's a tricky problem
because we want user interaction which causes list changes to scroll the list to
the selected option even if the page is still loading. What I have done is
suppressed scrolling the selected option into view if it's triggered by a change
before the SELECT element is done loading and we have scroll history to restore.
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Attachment #157804 - Flags: review?(dbaron)
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fix as described

The listbox thing sounds a bit like some of the anchor scrolling problems in
bug 110329.

r+sr=dbaron (without really looking at the patch)
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Attachment #157804 - Flags: review?(dbaron)
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Yeah, it is similar to the anchor scrolling problems --- the problem is how to
decide who wins when we have multiple agents who would each like to determine
the final scroll position.

Checked in.
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Maybe this has caused bug 260624? 
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