Filter after the fact on imap with To Or CC term and another AND term does an OR search



15 years ago
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15 years ago
I have a filter that filters out bugmail into separate folders (don't we all?),
and I noticed that if I have a filter that matches "To or CC contains
someaddr@someplace.something" *and* "Sender contains" this filter will match emails where someone
forwards a bugzilla email that would've matched that filter.

This is wrong, we shouldn't be looking at email headers in the message body when
matching filter rules...

Comment 1

15 years ago
we shouldn't, and I didn't think that we did...I'll try it, but I'm pretty sure
we just match against the db headers, and the db only gets told about the real
message headers.

Comment 2

15 years ago
Johnny, I tried this (forwarded as attachment a bugzilla message, and bcc'ed
myself) - my personal filter didn't fire (messages to or cc me), nor did my
bugzilla filters. This was with Pop3, though I think the same would work with imap.

Comment 3

15 years ago
David, I sent you email about this (sorry, can't include all that much here as
the message contains security confidential material), have a look and let me
know if you need more info still. Oh, I was using IMAP, though as you said that
shouldn't matter. I was using an aviary build from this morning (built myself,

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15 years ago
changing summary
Summary: Filter rules match headers in forwarded messages. → Filter after the fact on imap with To Or CC term and another AND term does an OR search
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
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Bienvenu still want this assigned?

Comment 6

9 years ago
this sounds like a bug that was fixed in might have been rkent, or maybe asuth. I'll try to look at the checkin logs...

Comment 7

9 years ago
I was thinking of  Bug 513277 - not sure this is the same or not...
It probably needs retesting. The ToOrCc AFAICT is not implemented with a boolean search term, which means I doubt that bug 513277 fixed it.


5 years ago
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