mozilla -installer does not bring up Profile Manager as before



19 years ago
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19 years ago
Using 2000-01-31-11m14 builds, linux  and NT 4.0

If you have an existing profile for 5.0, you never see the profile manager
dialog again via either -installer or -mail.

1.  Remove mozregistry.dat and any existing/older User50 files.
2.  Launch mozilla -installer.
3.  A profile manager dialog displays with a blank profile list (separate
issue/bug is that there are no profiles shown if available for migration).
    Click new profile button and give new profile a name, confirm.
    That new profile name is displayed in the profile manager, select it and
start mozilla, go to mail, set up account info.
4.  Exit.
5.  Launch mozilla -installer or mozilla -mail or even just mozilla.

Actual result:  profile manager/selector dialog doesn't display.  How do you get
to create another profile?  Have we changed this intentionally?

Expected result:  profile manager/selector dialog should appear with at least
the one profile shown and allow me to get to manage profiles, delete, rename or
profile manager/selection is never displayed if there is only one 5.0 profile 

I'm not sure about installer, but -ProfileManager should bring the manager up 
regardless of how many profiles exist...

is this broken? what does installer do?

Comment 2

19 years ago
This is broken compared to how -installer was behaving early last week.  If we
should only rely on -ProfileManager, I'll pass the word along.  But I suppose we
need to know what's the deal for Beta1.

Both -mail and -installer on linux, I know for sure, used to show me a profile
manager dialog (early last week) if I only had one profile.  Since I use many
profiles on NT (usually migrated), I would have to go back to confirm its
behavior with one profile many builds ago.

Comment 3

19 years ago
OK, this is very frustrating... I tried launching with -ProfileManager and
indeed always get the dialog.  However, when launching via -ProfileManager, it
doesn't track the list of profiles except right when you're creating them;
they're lost on exit.  So I logged a bug about that: bug #25985.

I've found a workaround to the -mail situation not getting the dialog, though:
once you've added a couple new profiles by using -ProfileManager then exit and
launch -mail, THEN you will get a profile manager dialog with your profile list.
Very confusing and disjointed.

Please, oh please, straighten this out soon.

Comment 4

19 years ago
cc'ing other engineers - for clarification of the various options to be used 
with Profile Manager 
-ProfileManager is broken (bug 24911)
-installer is behaving differently also (see bug 25097 which was tracking this 
along with other behaviors last week)
currently I find using the -installer option uses the 'profile most recently 
used' if there is a profile, on first launch it brings up an empty 
ProfileManager forcing you to create a new profile

Can we use this bug to track -installer option and how it should work? Changing 
summary to reflect that
Summary: No longer able to get Profile Manager if one profile exists. → mozilla -installer does not bring up Profile Manager as before

Comment 5

19 years ago
I am going to put together some notes here and will post in the new groups too.

The behavior of -installer option has been changed little bit lately.

Here are scenarios..

Number of 4.5   Number of 5.0   Result
profiles        profiles
_____________   ______________  ______

0               0               Silent creation of profile "default" & browser
                                (Used to be create profile wizard)
1               0               Automigrate and launch browser
>1              0               Profile Manager
0               1               Launch the browser
                                (used to be profile manager window)
0              >1               Profile Manager

Any deviations, please reopen this bug again. Sorry to not to inform this 

Bug 24911 is tracking all the issues realted to not showing up the profile list 
when -ProfileManager is used.

Closing this bug as worksfor me.
Last Resolved: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Isn't the last case:

0              >1               Profile Manager

really launch the Profile Selector?

Also, put these notes in a document on
instead of sending them in email or posting them to a newsgroup.

Comment 7

19 years ago
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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