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Printing cannot handle translucency


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Not set





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Printing does not handle -moz-opacity. The fix in bug 260961 at least means we
don't crash, we just ignore it. But we need a solution. This will probably
depend on driving all opacity handling down into Gfx so we don't rely on being
able to get a pixmap. That in turn may depend on the anticipated move to using
Cairo as our universal rendering API.
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This bug is still alive and well in Firefox 4 (beta9).
See this simple test case (try print preview):

Content with partial opacity is becoming more common with broad support for the CSS3 opacity property in all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, and the future IE9), and broad use of JavaScript libraries such as jQuery that use opacity for animation effects.
For the record, I tested in Opera 11, Chrome 8 and Safari 5, and they handle printing of content with partial opacity just fine.
WFM on Windows. What platform are you testing, Florent? Our graphics code has changed enormously since this bug was filed, so whatever you're seeing now is really a new bug.
Actually, let me close this. Please file a new bug for your specific configuration.
Closed: 13 years ago
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