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Chatzilla needs an iconified button toolbar (optionally, with a URL field)


(Other Applications :: ChatZilla, enhancement)

Not set


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: bugzillamozilla, Assigned: rginda)



1. CZ looks bland without one. Lesser IRC-clients make better first impression
for nothing more than eye-candy.
2. A toolbar makes frequently used commands/features more accessible.

Here are the buttons I'd like to see:

- Connect/Disconnect
- List Channels
- Change nickname (preferably with a drop-down menu to choose from a list of
pre-defined + recently used nicks)
- Switch Text Direction
- DCC Send
- Show Timestamps
- A URL field (want to open #firefox? just modify the current URL, say
irc://moznet/chatzilla, and hit Ctrl+Enter to open in a new tab)

Needless to say, it should be possible to hide this toolbar completely and
customize it.

I think such things belong in the menus, not in yet another toolbar I have to
Product: Core → Other Applications
Personally, I think that if we want this, it should be in the 1.0 release. Adding a toolbar later would seem... odd, as it's quite a change in the UI to have one (in my opinion).

So, I'm proposing this should block the 1.0 tracker bug, or it should be wontfixed (but that is not my decision to make). James, Samuel, Robert, any explicit opinions on this one? :-)
I think having a toolbar would make ChatZilla more modern.
Obvious things on it could be:
- Connect/disconnect
- List channels
- Join channel
- Preferences
- Nickname 
- Away
- Text bigger/text smaller
- Whois
- Clear view
- Help



I forgot:
- Plugins
QA Contact: samuel → chatzilla
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