Link won't resolve: 'redirection for this url exceeded' etc etc


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In the NY Times particularly, i'lll click on a link, Mozilla will chug, and
finally the resolution to the page will fail with the following error:

"redirection limit for this url exceeded. Unable to load the requested page.
This may be caused by cookies that are blocked"

I know this has seen previous bugzilla attention, but i've been unable to ferret
out how to solve for it, this hasn't been clear.

I'm aware it has something to do w/ cookies, sites and things blocked. W/O
clearing out cookies willy nilly, and hoping to hit the right ones, is there a
practical solution normal humans can employ to remediate this? I am aware NYT in
particular has been a thorny place for Mozilla (popups, etc), but a full 10% of
the links I click generate this error. I DO have a ton of cookies blocked for
all the ad servers, weird things....please advise. I know this isn't a BUG per
se, but a BEHAVIOR gone awry....

There are soo many things to set in Mozilla in different combinations. The world
is an imperfect place. Hoping to at least try and nail this one...

many thanks, and warm regards,

Eric Lecht

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce: on url

Comment 1

13 years ago
see Bug 170039 	Redirection limit for this URL exceeded message for several sites
for reasons, why Redirection limit comes, and preferences which can be set.
On NYT it comes, when you disable cookies.

Comment 2

13 years ago
I try and not waste anybody's time frivolously, esp. the great and gracious folk
at the Mozilla team. Subsequent postings in a Mozilla newsgroup pointed out to
me that this was addressed *long ago*, and asked I search 'redirection limit'
and the result was half a dozen sites SORT of addressing this. One return was
for Firefox:

and indicated a setting,  network.http.redirection-limit can be bumped UP.

I couldn't find this setting in my users.js , but a another poster said I could
ADD it. I'll try it. 

Nowhere could I find information on this relative to Mozilla, I guess I am
floating the idea this might be a great FAQ question. Which I suddenly realize I
never CHECKED. But you'd THINK that faq quesion would have been returned in my
mozillazine query if it existed....

Anyway, any offical Mozilla resource/instruction anyone might graciously point
me/everyone having this problem to would be appreciated...

warm regards,

Eric Lecht (n00b and he knows it)  (my public/spam acct..)
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Not really suitable for the built-in Help, though. I suppose you've read this?


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Maybe a sumo thing?
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Is this still an issue? If not, it should be marked invalid.


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