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Allow to view all events in current display in unifinder


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sorry for the poor summary. please rename to something better.
using the 20040924 build in mozilla (linux).
high up on the calendar is the "contain" filter textarea.
just to the left of that i a dropdown list that specifies which events to show
in the event pane above the calendar.
i would like to add an option that states:
All events visible in calendar.

why would this be good?
if you use the multiweek view, and have one or two passed weeks in your view,
there is no good way to have the events pane to show the events from those
weeks. choosing All Events, is to much, but choosing any other view does not
help much if you need the last few weeks events for reference.

Reproducible: Always
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Severity: normal → enhancement
Furthermore, I would appreciate a Thunderbird-esque "Customize.." view whereby I
could create specific filters to list events based on combinations of
catogories, calendars, dates or whatever. 

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Summary: allow to view All events in current display → Allow to view all events in current display in unifinder
Unifinder is also available in Lightning now.
Component: Sunbird Only → General
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Marking WFM based on comment #3.
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(In reply to comment #4)
> Marking WFM based on comment #3.

I only changed the component from 'Sunbird only' to General. You can't show 'all events currently visible in calendar view' in the unifinder.
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
it would be nice to pick events by specific dates, or at the least last month. Or maybe user selected criteria in unifinder.
I think, such an option would be a good addition.

I would call it "Events in current View"

I will also have a try to implement this.
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proposed addition V1

Looks good to me. What kind of additional UI is needed for this, as you set uiwanted?
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I thought maybe the menulist is getting a little crowded and wanted to have an opinion from the ui-guys.
But if you think that is not needed, I go ahead and check it in.
Well, you could use separators to split up similar view types (i.e all of the "The next..." views between two splitters). Since its trivial to do that, I'd give a blanket r+ if you want to include that into your patch.

Otherwise I'd also be fine with a new bug for that, or a second patch on the bug.
In that case I'll push and think about the splitters again - if so in a different bug.

Pushed to comm-central <>

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(In reply to Markus Adrario [:Taraman] from comment #12)
> In that case I'll push and think about the splitters again - if so in a
> different bug.
> Pushed to comm-central <>
> -> FIXED

comm-central is 1.4, not 1.3 (comm-aurora)
Keywords: uiwanted
Target Milestone: 1.3 → 1.4
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