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height of div collapses when focusing link inside div with floating image


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On the URL testcase: Focus the link "another award". You'll see the height of
the div collapsing as if there was no <br style="clear:both">.

The "diff -w" fix from bug 209694 doesn't seem to fix this bug (tested in my
debug build).

I'll attach a testcase.

(This only happens in recent 1.8a Mozilla builds, people)

Reproducible: Always
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Attached file Testcase
This doesn't happen in 2004-07-11 builds, but it happens in 2004-07-18 builds,
so it is most likely an already existing bug that got visible by fixing bug
151375 (which introduced reflow when focusing something).
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Keywords: testcase
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As of 14 September 2005 (Firefox 1.5b1) this regression remains unresolved.
Testing reveals that it's in the trunk. It's a rendering regression that's
almost a year old, so I'm voting for setting blocking 1.8b5 in hopes that it
gets assigned and looked at. It's worthwhile to note that any character entity
or block-level element that gets introduced after the floating element in
question causes the div to flow correctly.
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No longer blocks: 307387
I see this problem in Firefox 1.5 Beta 2, maximized in 1152 × 864, when focusing
on the "blowtorches" link:
This is worksforme, using a 2006-12-06 trunk build (a build before the reflow branch landed).
Closed: 16 years ago
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