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problems related to keeping partially loaded/bad ursl in SH


(Core :: DOM: Navigation, defect, P3)

Windows 98





(Reporter: bhodi, Assigned: radha)


On a few occasions I have encountered a problem where clicking the "back" arrow
returns to the wrong last viewed page.

The first time I encountered this problem, I was looking at screenshots for the
different mozilla themes. I would view one theme (1), click back, then view
another theme(2), and when I clicked back, it would take me to the theme (1) I
had seen before.

The next time I encountered this problem, I clicked on a link on Slashdot to
access, I believe. However, that server didn't respond, so I went
to another site instead. After I was done on that site, I clicked the back
button to return to slashdot, but loaded instead.

The problem seems to be caused by not properly resetting the last viewed page as
you go back through your history and branch off onto new sites.
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Component: Misc → History
Product: Architecture → Browser
Version: 5.0 → other
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Assignee: endico → radha
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Target Milestone: M15
I have encountered a similar bug on the latest (2000032711) linux builds.  I

would recommend changing platform to "all."  It appears that clicking on a link

places that page in the history, even if the browser never ends up at that page.

I've also seen it on Linux builds through 2000032808.  I get crashes more often
while navigating history than any other.  I get out of order even more.  It may
be related to navigating history (by button, popup, or pulldown menu, I've seen
all three) when the page has not finished loading/rendering.  I can duplicate
this bug almost everytime simply by navigating history back and forward quickly
between several pages.
	Like, I can sometimes navigate by history to a page which never
rendered.  A connection to for example often times out here.  I
give up, go elsewhere, and when I navigate back, so and behold there it is.

	One time mozilla crashed when navigating hiotory with
Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkwindow.c: line 1707 (gdk_window_get_parent): assertion
`window != NULL' failed.
	but I don't know if this is related.  Sorry for the length and if the last is a
red herring.

Summary: Back button returns to wrong page → problems related to keeping partially loaded/bad ursl in SH
Move to M16 for now ...
Target Milestone: M15 → M16
I've done some recent tests with SH(2000042609 builds) and my results indicate that invalid url's are no longer being added to 
session history. It would seem pages are added after their url's are resolved and as soon as they begin to load. I believe that 
alleviates the problems addressed in this bug and am therefore resolving this bug as WFM. IF anyone disagrees, please review 
the list of open History bugs, and comment as appropriate or open a new bug citing a specific, reproduceable case.

*note that partially loaded pages (user clicked stop or some other interuption) are added to SH, as I believe they should be.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Component: History: Session → Document Navigation
QA Contact: claudius → docshell
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