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instead of being limited to a specified table size, the div based menu expands
to the full size of the page, i can make it any size i want but is still in
proportion to the whole page. the menu is made for IE mainly, but works in opera
6 and 7, and displays in firefox (wheras it does not in mozilla) which led me
tobelive it was a firefox bug as opposed to bad coding (i have played with the
code and understand what is happening, but it would seem like a rather large
flaw in an otherwise fine page rendering engine.

other less complicaed div's like align="right" also display outside of thier tables.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
2.hover over the menu items (one, two, three, four, five)
3.the popup should be 20% of the table the menu is in

Actual Results:  
the menu spans the current width of the page (from it's set origin), adding that
to the overall page width

Expected Results:  
displayed the div as 100% of the table cell it is contained in, and not 100% of
the whole page

this is the only website i have seen the problem on, i made it myself and feel
quite confident that i know what is happening in the code. understandably,
browsers are differnt, but with the cahnge from no support in mozilla to this
limited support, i imagined it was still a work in progress.

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14 years ago
Created attachment 163263 [details]

You have an absolutely positioned element with a width of 100%.  Since it's
absolutely positioned, it is not constrained by the 20% width of the
surrounding DIV.


This rendering is correct.  Bug is invalid.


14 years ago
Last Resolved: 14 years ago
Keywords: testcase
Resolution: --- → INVALID
rescued from the mailbox that catches our bounces:

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:27:35 +0100                                          
From: Tony Palmer <>                                         
Subject: Re: [Bug 265905] the websites menu displays incorrectly               
i don't know if i can reply to this, but i will anyway. you reached the        
same conclusions as i did initially. although i do not understand why (on      
another page which i did not seem relevant enough to also specify              
                                            where an non absolute DIV pushes    
text outside of it's containing cell.                                          
the absolute position would seem to be rendered correctly in firefox,  but     
the dramatic change in 2 already well grounded browsers would make me still    
suggest otherwise, especially when no support was previously offered (the      
pops didn't even work in firefox0.9)                                           
sorry to bother you with this                                                  
yours warmingly                                                                
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