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{ib} splits almost screw up float containing blocks (BuildFloatList removal)


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Consider the following situation:

  <block />
  More test <float />
  <block />

When we construct frames we put the float in the float list of the nearest block
ancestor of the inline....  Then we go through AdjustOutOfFlowPtrs and change
the relevant parent pointers to point to the anonymous block that the {ib} split
created.  Finally, the BuildFloatList() for that anonymous block pulls the
floats into the right framelist too.

So the end result is OK, but it rather depends on BuildFloatList()...  Perhaps
AdjustOutOfFlowPtrs should simply remove the relevant floats from the frame
constructor state?  Or perhaps we want to change the way we do ib splits to
create the anonymous block when we first hit a block kid and push it as the
float containing block?
We're filing bugs on things that we _almost_ get wrong now? ;-)
Yes, because I want to move in the direction of removing BuildFloatList(), since
it makes pageload O(N^2) in some cases.  I've fixed a bunch of
CSSFrameConstructor issues recently such that we're getting closer to being able
to get rid of it, I think.  Fixing this bug would be a step on the way there.
Summary: {ib} splits almost screw up float containing blocks → {ib} splits almost screw up float containing blocks (BuildFloatList removal)
Depends on: 307277
Blocks: 282173
Attached file Testcase
Keywords: testcase
Attached patch assertSplinter Review
This assert disappears with the patch for bug 307277, does that answer your
question in 266971 comment 14? (I will check that in now...)
I was referring to Boris' question in bug 307277 comment 14. Sorry for the spam.
Yeah, it does.  Most excellent.
It fixed the attached testcase in this bug, but I'm seeing the assertion with
the testcase in bug 307277 though...
Nevermind, I must have looked in the wrong window or something because it
seems like it's actually gone now... Oh well, maybe we should put in that
assertion and see what falls out?
Whatever falls out should block bug 282173.  ;)
Fixed by checkin for bug 307277
Closed: 14 years ago
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Product: Core → Core Graveyard
Component: Layout: Misc Code → Layout
Product: Core Graveyard → Core
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