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Save All Attachments should not display a download window for each file


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Whenever I want to save all attachments of a message (using "Save all"), I end
up with many download progress dialogs, one for each of the attachments. I then
need to close all those dialogs one by one which is cumbersome.

A "Save all" should only have a single progress dialog IMHO.

(Also, why does the dialog talk about downloading, why does it have a "keep
window open after download is complete", a "pause" button? I'm only saving
attachments, not downloading anything (it looks like a browser download dialog,
not a mailer "saving attachments..." progress dialog)

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. verify that you have "keep window open after download is complete" active
2. send yourself a message with 10 attachments
3. on reception, select "save all"

Actual Results:  
For a mail with 10 attachments, TB will display 10 download/save progress
dialogs, which I then have to close one by one.

Expected Results:  
There should only be a single progress dialog for all the attachments.

After saving all attachments, the dialog should probably only propose "close"
and "show file(s) location". A "run all" makes no sense IMHO since it would
clutter the screen with lots of new windows.
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The latest beta releases can be obtained from:
It seems that with Thunderbird 1.5 beta 1, things have improved: sending myself
a mail with many attachments doesn't leave as many "100% of <file> saved"
dialogs on my screen as it used to.

It seems that the progress dialog has changed, and it doesn't stay on screen for
files of type .txt/.xml/.zip or without an extension (those are the ones I
happened to test with).

However, the problem persists at least for files of type .exe. If I send myself
a mail with 3 executables attached, I get the "100% of <file> saved" for each of
them, and have to close all 3 progress dialogs manually (assuming the "Keep this
window open after download is complete" option is still set).

It is the same dialog you get when you right-click->save... on one of the
attached .exe's.
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Summary: save all attachments should not display a progress dialog for each file → Save All Attachments should not display a download window for each file
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I think this no longer applies and could be closed as wfm.
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