Instead of providing the Calendar extension, use CORBA instead



14 years ago
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14 years ago
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I think providing Mozilla as an extension is a waste of resources and energy for
both the developers (to maintain the code) and the users (to install and
upgreade the extensions). I think it is more appropriate to use CORBA to embed
the calendar component into other applications. For example, when thunder
encounters an email with a .ics attachment, it will open up sunbird and use
CORBA to communicate with it and display the calendar inside the preview panel.

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mozilla doesn't use corba. it does use xpcom.
And the extension and sunbird share 99% of the code, so not much pain there.
So what would be the benefit of stopping to provide an extension? we will only
loose users that actually want to use the extension?

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14 years ago
It's nice to know that sunbird and extension shares a lot of code. However, a
CORBA bridge would still be nice, since it allows external apps, such as
nautilus and openoffice to display/embed Sunbird calendars.

Comment 3

13 years ago
With the way this summary is phrased, it sounds like WONTFIX to me.  There may
be some merit it trying to incorporate corba compatibiltiy, but the calendar
extension certainly isn't going anywhere.


13 years ago
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