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14 years ago
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14 years ago
Caret navigation is most useful for navigation between links. However, the
current implementation makes this too cumbersome due to two shortcomings:

1. Other elements are selectable as well (making it a chore to move between two
links that are separated with lots of text)
2. When moving the caret horizontally, it moves across each character in the
link, rather then from one link to another.

It would be useful if a modifer key (Shift+F7? F7->CapsLock?) would switch caret
navigation mode so that only links are selected. All elements but links should
be skipped, and character-based horizontal movement across links should not be
allowed in this mode.

Ideally, Accel+Arrows in this mode should move the caret one screen at a time
for quicker navigation in long pages.


Comment 1

14 years ago
Prog, is it directional navigation you want? That's bug 67684, and I think this
is a DUP.

There's a Firefox extension to do that as well, see comment 56 in that bug.
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