Remove "delete calendar and file" button when the calendar is shared



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14 years ago
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The button "delete calendar and file" should be hidden/disabled when the file to
be deleted is shared.

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Comment 1

13 years ago
    This bug report looks closely related to bug 248309.  That bug suggests that
rather then disabling the button, calendar actually delete the remote file if
'delete calendar and file' is selected.  IMO, this would be a better solution. 
If you agree, please mark this bug as a duplicate of that one.

Comment 2

13 years ago
A more appropriate approach might be bug 243919.

Ambiguity:  what does 'shared' mean?  
Some patterns of sharing:
 * everyone on team can modify conference room calendar.
 * each person can write their own calendar, and 'shares' (publishes) it so
others can subscribe to it.

In the first pattern, it is good to protect against team members accidently
deleting shared file.

In second pattern, it is good to protect against subscribers deleting
publisher's calendars.

As mentioned in bug 243919, server file read/write access controls may provide
some protection.  In that case, the option to delete remote file could be
disabled if the remote file is not deletable by current user.  But not all users
set up complex access controls, especially sharing in small office LANs.


13 years ago
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Comment 4

12 years ago
On 2006-11-30 calendar 0.4a1 there is no option to delete file when deleting a subscribed calendar.

I published a calendar, subscribed to it, then in the Calendars view, right clicked on the calendar and selected Delete Calendar.  The dialog box that pops up only has OK or Cancel, with no option of deleting the file.
There is bug 351499 to sort out the issue with "Delete Calendar" vs. "Unsubscribe" on a shared calendar. -> DUPLICATE?
Depends on: 351499
Marking invalid because the "Delete calendar and file" menu item doesn't exist anymore. There are other bugs dealing with an appropriate UI for removing/unsubscribing from calendars.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
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