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Import of multiple profiles (from Mozilla) not possible


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Well, I have searched Bugzilla for "profiles", "migration", "import", "command
line" and some other keywords but it seems that no-one else has noticed this bug

When you start Thunderbird the first time it asks to migrate Mozilla profiles. I
have three Mozilla profiles and have selected the first one which was imported

Now I tried to migrate the second and the third one but there is no possibility
(maybe it is undocumented?) to call the migration wizard again. The Import menu
entry only offers to import Netscape and Outlook (Express) profiles, which is
not exactly what I want here.

This should really be fixed for 1.0 (or it should be documented or placed in the
menu when it is already possible). Lots of user use multiple profiles and the
migration of old profiles is very important.
Summary: Import of multiple profiles (Mozilla) not possible → Import of multiple profiles (from Mozilla) not possible
See bug 187564 and bug 22689. Duplicate?
Don't think so:
Bug 187564 deals with moving profiles in Mozilla and
Bug 22689 deals with saving and importing own profile data (backups).

This bug claims for a function that allows to import parts of Mozilla profiles
(Mail and News configuration data) on demand (like Firefox does for Browser
configuration data).
(In reply to comment #2)
> Don't think so:
> Bug 187564 deals with moving profiles in Mozilla and

Not only, summary is "Moz needs an UI for importing/exporting/moving complete or
parts of profiles".

If you launch with the profile manager (-profilemanager), does it show you the non-migrated mozilla profiles and allow you to launch/migrate them?
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I want to import from more than one Netscape or Mozilla Profile. Currently,
there is no way to do this. Ditto Outlook. Also, there is no way to import from other Thunderbird profiles. I was thinking a new profile would do it, but then you are still stuck with separate profiles.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce: import wizard
2.observe behavior
Actual Results:  
Does not work as hoped.

Expected Results:  
Should allow multiple choices for importation.

So, tried comment 4?
QA Contact: migration
The way to do this is as follows (for comment 0 type problems). For each profile you want to migrate:

./thunderbird -createProfile <Profile Name>
./thunderbird -P <Profile Name> -migration

(or replace ./thunderbird with your method of calling thunderbird).
The REAL way to do this is to have a fourth choice under Tools:Import.

It would read:
Address Books

or better still, allow you check boxes of what you want to import and from where you want to import. Thanks.
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3.0a2?
This isn't going to make a2.  pushing out to tb3-wanted?
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3?
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3.0a2?
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3.0a2-
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Should this be changed from "Mozilla" to "Seamonkey"? 

Comment 9 still stands.
Severity: normal → S3
Type: defect → enhancement
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