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Menus and toolbar buttons not clickable from leftmost pixel on screen (Fitts' law)


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According to Fitts' law <'_law>, buttons etc.
can be accessed faster, if they are positioned at the edge of the screen, i.e.
at the outermost pixel.

On Linux, there is a 1-2 pixel wide inactive area on the left of the File menu
and Back button respectively. This makes accessing these items with the mouse

Steps to reproduce:
1. Maximize the Firefox browser window
2. Move the mouse cursor to the leftmost pixel on the screen near the Back button
3. Click

Expected results:
The browser should go Back

Action results:
On Linux, nothing happens. On Windows, it works as expected.

The same applies for the File menu on Linux.

The problem also exists on both Windows and Linux for the first item in the
Bookmarks toolbar and for the first tab on the tab bar.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
Indeed! I have just moved from Windows to Linux and am gutted to find that the
back-button (or indeed whatever button you have on the left of the nav-bar), the
File menu and the throbber where it is at its default position (top-left) are
not flush with the edge of the browser. The gaps are as follows:

Back-button, File menu, throbber: 1px.
First bookmark on bookmarks toolbar: 4px.
First tab on tabbar: 2px.

The last 2 I don't worry about too much, but I included them as the reporter
mentioned them. Also, Windows too doesn't have them at the edge, whereas it does
for the first 3. I have tried fixing it with userChrome.css, but have so far not
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This is still noticeable and should be confirmed.  I almost filed a new bug report.
The issue involving the first item of the bookmarks toolbar looks to be fixed in Windows, unless somehow I haven't removed the old line I had in my userChrome file to correct it (I am almost positive I have).  

However, the first tab of the tab bar issue hasn't been fixed.  You can add the following to userChrome.css to fix it for the time being:

.tabs-container:not([overflow="true"]) {-moz-padding-start: 0 !important;} 
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This problem also appears on Firefox 4 Windows. Clicking the leftmost 1-3 pixels fails to result in the back button being clicked.
I'm sorry, I posted the wrong link. Here is the link to the Windows version of this bug:
Can i work on this bug?
(In reply to Athira from comment #7)
> Can i work on this bug?

Which buttons would you like to fix for this bug? The navigation-toolbar is getting redesigned with the pending Australis work ( You can download a build of it from or you can clone the repository and build it yourself.
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