When visiting message boards/forums, firefox doesn't recognize with post I've viewed and which I havne't read




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I don't know the technical terms for this... But, when visiting forums and message boards firefox does 
not recognize the markers that show when a post has been read, not read and if there has been a new 
post since your last visit. Usually, there is an icon that changes colors next to the topic. 

Could be cookies problem, could be java?

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.visit site. Read a few topics
2.Re-visit site. Topics read should be marked, as wel as if new topics have been posted. 
3. In Firefox, there is no highlighting of unread topics - in safarri and others there is
Actual Results:  
Topics not marked

Expected Results:  
Mark read and un-read topics on message boards
Even in winIE i can't tell the difference between read and unread posts. When I
mark all posts as read (the link on the right of the table), it takes me back to
a page that looks exactly the same.

Can you post some screenshots as to what it's supposed to look like?
Summary: When visiting message boards/forums, firefox doesn't recognize with post I've viewed and which I havne't read → When visiting message boards/forums, firefox doesn't recognize with post I've viewed and which I havne't read
Mike, you won't see any changes unless you're logged in on that site.  There's a
bug (or feature, to discourage guests?) in phpBB v2.x (which is what that site
is running) where it won't keep track of, or indicate, which posts are
read/unread unless you are logged in while reading them.

robertstover@mac.com, are you logged in to your account at that forum when you
are reading it?

This particular forum seems to have the "problem" of no really recent new posts
(new posts should should show up as orange things inside the circles, just like
at MozillaZine forums)--and certainly none since I registered to test
this--which makes it hard to test.  I've registered as firefoxtest and made a
post in the DOCtor forum; if you login and see the orange icon for that topic,
there's no problem.

I have no problems with seeing/keeping track of read/unread posts at other phpBB
v2.x forums where I'm a member (e.g. MozillaZine) and logged in, so if you don't
see the orange icon for my post in the DOCtor forum once you're logged in, I'm
inclined to say Stone has their phpBB forum cookies configured improperly and
it's not a Firefox issue.

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14 years ago
Thanks for looking into this. 

Yes, I am logged in. I double checked after your post. Two other forums/messages boards where the 
same behavior occurs are... 


Are you using the Mac version of Firefox and having success? 

Weird part is that this works very well in Safari - no probs. 

I've double checked and cookies are enabled on Firefox. 
Yes, Mac Firefox 1.0.  I just went back to the Stone forum and the new post
indicator is showing up on the Create Support and Create Suggestions and
Comments fora.  I notice according to your build identifier you're using an
older Fx version, but I've had no problems since I started playing with Fx about

The blue-tec forum is also phpBB v2.x, so presumably if you're having problems
with other phpBB sites....

I'm not familiar with UBB boards, but I'll poke around and see if it WFM also.

Two things for you to try:
1. Upgrade to Firefox 1.0 
2. Move aside your profile (the Firefox folder in your user's
~/Library/Application Support folder) and try the Stone Design forum again (I'll
make a new post so there will be something new for you to see).  Moving the
profile aside will start you fresh but will preserve all your settings, etc.,
for reversion in the event a fresh profile doesn't work.
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