When closing last window during a download, show Download Manager instead of dialog




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13 years ago
Steps to reproduce:
1. Start a long/slow download.
2. Close the download manager (if it is open).
3. Close the last browser window.

Result: warning telling me that exiting would cancel downloads.

This is bad in the common cases:

* If I know what the download is and want to keep downloading, I am now required
to make at least two clicks: one to dismiss the dialog and another to close the
browser window at some point.  (I usually make another click to reset the
browser window to my home page, or another three to open the download manager
and close the browser window, in order to keep the browser window from
distracting me.)

* If I don't know what the download is, I have to open the Download Manager
manually to find out.

The dialog only saves time in the uncommon case that I know what the download is
and want to cancel it at the same time I want to close the last browser window.
 I have never been in that situation -- I have never clicked the "cancel
downloads" button in the dialog.

A better behavior would be to open the download manager when I close the browser
window.  If I *then* try to close the download manager, Firefox could show the
Depends on bug 240696? Right now, having only the Download Manager open doesn't
sound like the happiest thing.


11 years ago
QA Contact: ali → download.manager
Assignee: bugs → nobody


10 years ago
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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