The Page Info|Forms dialog does not correctly parses FORM tags in a form. Swallows forms.




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(Reporter: D. Grimaldo, Assigned: Ben Goodger (use ben at mozilla dot org for email))


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The Tools | Page Info window has a Forms tab that lists all the FORMS that are
present in the page. The page in question (see above) has FOUR forms

1. Main ASP.NET Form (name Form1)
2. Login Form (name Login)
3. Google Search Form (name Google)
4. PayPal Donation Form (name PayPalDonation)

Forms 2..4 are within #1 because Form1 is the standard ASP.NET form.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Visit the webpage (
2. In the browser select Tools | Page Info | Forms
3. It will list only forms #1,#3,#4 Form #2 is "swallowed". It does not appear in
   the list and if you look properly you will notice that its input fields
(Usuario/Password) now appear as if they were part of Form1.

Before the order was different (1,4,2,3) and in that case it was #4 that was
"swallowed" with its input fields being "taken" or "absorbed" into #1.

Actual Results:  
One of the forms is not listed

Expected Results:  
The form (Login) should have been listed as well
No, I would say that Page Info is correct there, for what it is. It works off
the DOM that the parser generates for the page, not some arbitrary analysis of
the original source. Nesting forms, common as it is, is utterly invalid HTML,
with completely undefined behavior.

To be bugwards compatible, that's exactly how nested forms are handled: the
first form inside the outer form acts as though it were really the outer form.
Our method is slightly different than IE's since it submits only the inner
form's controls, to the outer form's action, while we submit both the inner and
outer form's controls to the outer form's action, but that's a different bug
entirely. For what Page Info does, having the first nested form completely
disappear is correct behavior, weird as it seems.
Last Resolved: 13 years ago
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