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Windows XP

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14 years ago
I have noticed that when a file is downloaded, for example an .exe, it will run
that launch that program for each browser window I have opened. If I have The
main window with several tabs and another open to download a file, I will see
two "install" windows or two ".zip" viewers appear when the download is
complete. I think the software just launches it for each brower window but does
not check to see if others are already open. Somewhat of an excess step and
annoying at times...
Can you be more specific as to which windows are opening? How are the downloads
being launched? Which version of firefox are you using?

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14 years ago
I am using FireFox 1.0 on WinXP [I do use i686 Linux FireFox 1.0 but do not
remeber if the error occurs there as well]. I do happen to have the OpenDownload
Extention installed which puts an option to open the file extention to the OS
assigned program. Any browser windows I have open with websites on them [with
multiple tabs or not] will trigger that download to open. It opens one time per
each window.
If this is a problem with functionality introduced by an extension, then contact
the extension author about any problems. Extension bugs are not supposed to be
reported on Bugzilla.

Reopen if you can reproduce a problem without any extensions installed.
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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