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Add possibility to store user setup on server by default (Weave integration?)


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, enhancement)

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Please add possibility to store all mozilla products setup on server by default
(without installing any additional plugins, during first program start just ask
[]Load configuration from mozilla server).

If possible this can be done for all platforms and configuration from one
platform  can be used on another (multi-platform configuration)
See Thunderbird FAQ at Knowlege Base of MozillaZine.,_Migration,_and_Backup/Restore

Please note that sharing same profile among concurrent active instances of
Mozill/Firefox/Thunderbird is impossible.
If concurently used, result is unpredicable.
If you lucky, only one can access and others only waits, but if unlucky, profile
will be corrupted.

Please also note that sharing among multiple Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird of
different OS is usualy impossible even when they won't be active concurrently.
This is mainly because OS dependent path notation and OS dependent "Line-Break"
and so on still remain in files in profile directry.
So sharing of profile files is limited to some files only, such as file of data

Sharing of profile data will be easily achieved by "Roaming User" feature.
This function is already implemented on latest Mozilla trunk nightly, although
it is still in development.
I do not know about release builds, Firefox and Thunderbird.
Well, you are talking about possibility to migrate profiles. I know that there
is such possibility. But 1) this possibility can be used only by experienced
persons, 2) to use this you have to perform a lot of things to do, 3) to do this
you have to have an access to your old profile.

Feature I am going to suggest is just some kind of "work everywhere with the
same configuration". This is not sharing profile, but adding possibility to
store configuration in one place and in case of moving/working from another
place (e.g. Internet-caffee or during trip) just to take configuration from some
public mozilla configuration store server during mozilla setup during first startup.

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Well, it seems that you didn't catch my proposal.

My propose is to add possibility to use firefox/thunderbird in the same way you 
use gmail. When you use gmail the only thing you have to do is to specify gmail 
www address, your user name and password. And you will get all your mail, 
contacts, setup, keyboard shorcuts, e.t.c.

Now there is only possibility to migrate profile from one computer to another 
with many manipulations.

My proposal is to create something like "mozilla account" on mozilla server, and 
give possibility to store all user-specific information there automatically. And 
 on new program setup ask user to use mozilla account to store contacts, account 
information on mozilla server. This should facilitate migration from one 
location to another.
Resolution: EXPIRED → ---
QA Contact: account-manager
We could consider Weave integration as an optional part of Tb3, depending on the status of Weave at that time... 
Ever confirmed: true
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Summary: Add possibility to store user setup on server by default → Add possibility to store user setup on server by default (Weave integration?)
Making weave work with tb is bug 446444.
Depends on: 446444
Blocks: 72399
No longer blocks: 72399
Duplicate of this bug: 609092
Duplicate of this bug: 654666
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