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Clear Search Button


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hi there,

i recently started using Thunderbird for my mail and the search bar has a little
clear button which appears when you start typing in the box. its *very* handy
for clearing the search bar without having to resort to key shortcuts.

i'd strongly reccomend that firefox encorporates this very minor feature. its
such a small enhancement, requiring an extension would be ridiculous [and the
code will already be there in the thunderbird tree ;-)].

the annoyance of clearing the search bar is something everyone i know who uses
firefox has shared.
Going to think about this.

If we add this, we lose a bit of space, and people already think the search bar
is too small.  Making things a little bigger might be an option, need to think
about that.

There's some other misc things, such as the clear button has a function in tbird
(reset the view to not be filtered) where its not necessary here.
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well, why don't you allow the search bar width to be resized? that way people
could make it as small or as large as they liked. failing that... i'd personally
be fine with adding the width of the "clear" icon onto the current search bar
width; i find my location bar is a lot wider than it needs to be anyway.

i really think the clear button is a good idea. like i said; clearing that
search box is something that annoys everyone who uses firefox whom i have spoken
with. especially on X11 systems were selecting the text will place it into the
clipboard. the keyboard shortcut C-k Delete is not as user friendly as a button
which appears only when needed.

btw... i noticed there is no easy way to *remove* a search engine from the
search bar. is that intentional?
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> Going to think about this.

Thank you, Thunderbird recently made some changes to the quick-search, only
displaying the Clear button when text is entered. It will not solve the space
issue, but it would be a nice enhancement to the search widget.
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Here's another possibility to consider: on Safari, for example, the search text does not follow along when new tabs are opened.

This shouldn't take up any more real estate. As anyone who uses Linux knows, it's difficult to use the highlight and middle-click-to-paste when there's already existing text in a window; you either have to first erase what's there or paste your term to the front/back of the existing text then erase what you don't need. Safari's option is nice because the search text stays with the tab where it was originally typed but not new tabs.
1 Launch app
2 Search field: enter some text

No "x" to reset search field, as in:
OmniWeb 5.6
Safari 3.1.1

Seen:, 10.3.9 7W98, PowerBook G4/1.25G

3.0rc3, 10.5.3 9D34, iMac Core Duo/1.83G
3.0rc3, 10.4.10 8R4061a, MacBook Pro/2.2G
This is one of those little things that would make browsing much better.
See also bug 253331 for clearing the search time after a couple of seconds while staying in idle.
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Extracted from the video.  OmniWeb search field looks like that of Safari.
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