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14 years ago
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14 years ago
I'd would make a nice change to not only focus on Microsoft, but also on that
other big company. 
Oracle's Collaboration Suite is a big player on the market, but most people only
use the calendar. 
Since it's based on the Old Netscape Calendar Suite and well documented, it
should not be that hard to implement.
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14 years ago
I agree.  We (University of Northern Iowa) used to use Netscape Calendar, which
became CorporateTime, which became Steltor, which became Oracle Calendar.  We've
adopted Thunderbird as our standard supported e-mail client, and Firefox is well
on its way to being our standard browser, we'd love to have a cross-platform
calendar client from the Mozilla group as well.

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14 years ago
Adding myself to the cc: list... this would be a nice feature to have.
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12 years ago
We are marking this as confirmed, but we don't have time to develop it ourselves.  We'd love to see a provider extension for this.  You can see what it would take to make a provider interface for the Oracle calendar by taking a look at the provider for Google Calendar:  However, the last I heard about the Oracle Calendar project was that it was going to be CalDav based.  If that is the case, then Lightning and Sunbird already support CalDAV, and this bug can be closed.

Can someone who is more familiar with Oracle's calendaring solution comment here about the CalDAV question?
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12 years ago
The current Oracle Calendar uses a proprietary protocol inherited from CorporateTime; the next version, currently under development, will offer a CalDAV interface and will be compatible with Sunbird/Lightning through that. 

Creating a CorporateTime provider extension would involve significant effort, and the provider would likely be obsolesced by the next version of Oracle Calendar about as soon as it would be finished. So I'm going to close this bug WONTFIX. That being said, if someone does write such an extension this is a bug we'd be delighted to reopen!
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