[Mac] ESC shouldn't close windows (other than dialogs)




14 years ago
8 years ago


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Mac OS X

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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox1.1
Component: OS Integration → Keyboard Navigation
Really, this is where we need to have an equivalent to dialogKeys defined
instead of having to preprocess this in multiple files.
er, scratch that, dialogKeys is deprecated with the dialog widget.  Either way,
if its something we should have for all windows, we need to define this once :)
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Version: unspecified → Trunk
Summary: [Mac] ESC shouldn't close windows (other than sheets) → [Mac] ESC shouldn't close windows (other than dialogs)

Comment 3

14 years ago
See also Bug 199424 - "Accel+W should close any window that has a close-window
widget, unless it has more than one tab open". 

I wonder if that bug should apply to dialog as well. I mean, it's not always
easy to tell if a window is actually a dialog. We shouldn't expect users to
guess when to press Esc and when to press Accel+W. It should either be visually
obvious, or both keys should work when there's doubt.


Comment 4

14 years ago
Not really an accessibility bug. Removing Escape to close the dialog doesn't
really make it more accessible.
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Target Milestone: Firefox1.1 → ---
Keywords: uiwanted
Removing uiwanted; there is a clearly requested design here, and this is more PP than anything else.

Also, fwiw, the statement that ESC only closes dialogs on OS X is incomplete: ESC is used to close dialogs and "inspector" windows, which are always-on-top properties windows that have the minimize and expand buttons disabled.
Keywords: uiwanted
Assignee: bugs.mano → nobody
QA Contact: os.integration → keyboard.navigation

Comment 6

12 years ago
I disagree with this bug.  I want Esc to continue to close "Properties" and "Preferences" windows.  Doing what I intend when I press a key is more important than consistency with other apps.  And Mac apps seem to be about evenly split on whether Esc closes Preferences, anyway:

* Yes: Safari, Terminal, Colloquy, VLC

* No: TextEdit, TextWrangler, Smultron, Adium

Comment 7

10 years ago
like Jesse, i prefer Esc key to close Windows when there is nothing to save.
But i find it to be inconsistent.

Esc close in
* main preferences window
but not in:
* allowed site - add-ons exceptions
* and most sub-window of preferences, it seems

bug listed here
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