Change common (i.e description,location) properties to real attributes on calIItemBase

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14 years ago
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14 years ago
Things like location and description and probably others should be made real
attributes instead of sitting on the sidelines.
Assignee: vladimir → nobody
Summary: Change common properties to real attributes on calIItemBase → Change common (i.e description,location) properties to real attributes on calIItemBase
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5 years ago
I'd like to work on this bug. Can you please assign me in?
Hi Malintha, I'm happy to hear you would like to give this one a shot. Please email me or find me on #calendar (nickname is Fallen) if you need help getting started.

Here is a setup guide for building:
Once you have a full build, you can rebuild only Lihtning by calling make -f objdir-tb/calendar/lightning and on mac additionally make -f objdir-tb/mail/app.

I would suggest going through the list of properties commonly requested and creating a list of those you think make sense as top level properties.

Here is a superset of them, note that some of the getProperty() calls are not on an item but on a calendar. This bug is about the item calls:^[^\0]*%24&hitlimit=&tree=comm-central
Assignee: nobody → malinthak2

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5 years ago
Hi Philipp, Thank you for signing me in. I'm facing some troubles with the build.Once I get them fixed I'll start on this ASAP. :)

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5 years ago
Here is a list of already promoted properties.

I think "URL","TRANSP","DESCRIPTION","LOCATION","organizerId","EMAIL" are not promoted (although they are all capitalized) and used often and need to be promoted. I think promoting in the sense defining them in the base interface. Then do we have to remove the current definitions of them (in other interfaces)? Will it not effect to current implementations and current getters and setters? Adding item accessor should be like this I think.

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5 years ago
I think all I have to do is promoting those attributes to the calIitembase interface and define and implement new accessors in the calIitembase.js and redefine the promoted property bag..
Mentor: philipp
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