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So this is my bug with firefox.

I have a results page (results on rows) and on every row there is a checkbox. I
have build two buttons "Check All" and "Uncheck all". Their purpose is obvious.
They must select every checkbox (one checkbox per row).

Problem 1: This is not very bad. I don't know who is guilty on this problem
firefox, or the other browsers. "document.getElementById" does not return a
value unless an ID for the tag is specified. The other browsers (opera, ie)
return a value only with NAME in the tag. So I don't know who is responsable for
this, Opera/IE for letting the user using getElementById in the wrong way or
Firefox for not offering support for NAME and only for ID (ex. <input
type=checkbox ID="aaa">)

Problem 2: This is what boders me. When i hit "Check all" in a non iframe page
everything works smoothly. But when the page that contains the checkboxes is
placed inside an IFRMAE in another page the "Check all" does not work. Only when
I hit submit in the iframed paged the "Check all" begins to work. My guess is
that when I submit the ifrmaed page becomes active and my script
document.getElementById('checkbox_inbox_'+i) is returning a value. In other
browsers this is working.  If this is my mistake I apologize for the post, but
this is problem is only with Firefox. So what I want is that when I press a
button inside an IFRAME the document as I am refering from the IFRAME is the
ifrmae itself not the main page that is opened in Firefox.

Thank you,
Best wishes Thomas Ene, suser19@yahoo.com
upload the page so we can look
document.getElementById('id').value refers to an ID, not a name.
IE and Opera accept the name too, but that is simply wrong.

If you want to call the content of the iframe from the body of the page use:


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13 years ago
Please ask questions related to standarts web development in forums, e.g.
<http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=25>, not in bugzilla. Thanks.

Comment 2 is correct. Resolving invalid.
Last Resolved: 13 years ago
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