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14 years ago
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14 years ago
I've been wondering if the addition of a new keyword: "datacorruption" (or
something related to that) might be useful in Bugzilla reports.  There are times
when bugs don't exactly cause dataloss, but instead cause the data to be
represented or shown incorrectly, and, in some cases, corrupted.
I can think of three examles of this.  In all three cases, the description could
be summed up as thus:
Essentially, what the user sees and what data is actually there is not the same.

1) There is a bug with textfields that causes them to display data that is not
really there.  It seems to only be a corruption of what the individual sees,
while the actual data inside the textfield (that can be copied) remains uncorrupted.
2) There is a bug with text on a page that does not highlight certain whitespace
areas.  Copying the highlighted portion of the web page ends up copying the
whitespace without the user knowing it was there.  This is another example of
what might be considered datacorruption.  The user is presented with one piece
of information, but the actual data obtained is something different.
3) Another bug (if you want to call it that) deals with Mozilla's built in HTML
viewer.  The viewer edits the code removing stuff that should be there, and
adding stuff that shouldn't.  In otherwords, the data presented it not accurate.
 This too might qualify as a datacorruption issue.
if the data isn't accurate, it's lost.  hence, dataloss.

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14 years ago
agreed, we already have dataloss, no point in adding another.
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14 years ago
So it would be safe to apply dataloss to things similar to the 3 examples above?

Comment 4

14 years ago
no. the first example isn't datacorruption. it's just video corruption. deal
with the fact that we don't categorize that. if we did, most end user bugs would
be given that flag.
the second is a series of filed bugs that i also don't consider datacorruption
or dataloss.

i have no idea which 'built in html viewer' you're speaking of. but in general i
wouldn't use dataloss or datacorruption on bugs about view-source, they're just
bugs, they'll be fixed when engineers have time to work on them.
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