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Upcoming (sort of) patch
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The searchfield is better than i tought we could get ;)

Note: the padding/margin changes are hacks to avoid some drawing issues.
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13 years ago
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Mano, thanks for doing this. Actually I've got a patch that's almost exactly
like this but it's not ready yet. Let's use your patch as a starting point. 

Two issues that I see: The search bar being focused makes the toolbar contract
by a pixel or two (screenshot coming up). Second, some autocomplete textboxes
contract when they are focused, for instance the Home Page Location(s) field in
prefs. I suspect that's because there's some extra padding being applied to the
textbox and your !important padding overrides that.

I didn't know -moz-outline-radius had been implemented. Textbox focus rings
should have -moz-outline-radius: 1px to round of the corners slightly.

I'm also looking at similar focus rings for trees and list boxes.
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13 years ago
Created attachment 172003 [details]
wonky search bar with focus ring

Oh, and I almost forgot .. the find toolbar textbox needs the same focus ring
as the toolbar search box.
note you can get focus rings for buttons in a similar way...:
button:focus {
  -moz-outline: 2px solid -moz-mac-focusring;
  -moz-outline-radius: 11px;
  -moz-outline-offset: -1px;

but this needs *much* more work (small buttons, help button, etc.)
hmm, I keep thinking I saw an open bug for this already (perhaps in a different
Product), but I cannot seem to find it.
Yeah, there are some; no one of them is about fixing it inside the theme - which
isn't the right fix...

(The "right fix" is apple appearance manager APIs, but they're *extremely* buggy).

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13 years ago
This is related to bug 198097, which refers to the OS-drawn (XUL and HTML)
textfields in Mozilla, Firefox or Camino. the correct fix in that case is to
work out how to get nsItheme to draw the focus ring. The bug hasn't had activity
in years and as Mano said is probably a tough problem. In the interim we can
draw focus rings with XUL, though they won't look as nice, they will at least be
a win for accessibility. When OS-drawn focus rings come around we can just take
out whatever we do here.
Note: focus rings for radios, checkboxes, and select boxed do exist.

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11 years ago
(In reply to comment #9)
> Isn't this bug 53927, too?

Bug 53927 is for html forms, I guess this one is pinstripe-only (different files).


9 years ago
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