b.m.o: "Add to Sidebar" JS code needs alert and URL update.




14 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: benc, Assigned: justdave)





14 years ago
I know that these problems are b.m.o specific, because where I work, we have
bugzilla, and the link points to mozilla.org


Click on the "Add to Sidebar" home page. If you are not using a version that
supports sidebar (Camino, Mozilla 1.8a4 seemed to do this too...), then you get
alert text that is out of date, and then you get re-directed to a netscape site.

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
function addSidebar() {
      if ((typeof window.sidebar == "object") && (typeof window.sidebar.addPanel
== "function"))
         window.sidebar.addPanel ("Bugzilla",
"https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/sidebar.cgi", "");
         var rv = window.confirm ("This page is enhanced for use with Netscape
6.  " + "Would you like to upgrade now?");
         if (rv)
            document.location.href = "http://home.netscape.com/download/index.html";

We need to remove the Netscape references. The other bugzilla instance I use says: 
"Your browser does not support the sidebar extension.  " + "Would you like to
upgrade now?"

Firefox seems to support Mozilla-style sidebars still, but Camino doesn't.
Perhaps we should add some version detection as well (non-Gecko should be
encouraged to "upgrade" to FF, Gecko w/o sidebar should be told this won't work...?)
Assignee: mozilla.webmaster → justdave
Component: webmaster@mozilla.org → Bugzilla: Other b.m.o Issues
QA Contact: danielwang → myk
see also bug 280093 for the general Bugzilla bug on this issue.
Blocks: 280371
Priority: -- → P3
seems like an unimportant and therefore pointless function on an already rather
busy page, if all it does is add a bookmark, which everyone knows how to do.  

I'd just as soon see the link removed.

Comment 3

14 years ago
Wayne: it calls the sidebar code. In Firefox, that is mapped to the
bookmarks.RDF database.

In Mozilla/Netscape, it adds it to the panels.rdf.
We picked up the upstream bugfix for this with last night's upgrade.
Last Resolved: 14 years ago
Depends on: 280093
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Bugzilla: Other b.m.o Issues → General
Product: mozilla.org → bugzilla.mozilla.org
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