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Horizontal Rule is not selectable in embedded editor (midas)


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If you insert a horizontal rule into an embedded editable area (Midas), you can
not easily select the hr.  The expected selection behaviour would be such as
when you insert an image (IE calls this a "ControlRange") with resize handles on
the rule.  

As a result it can be tricky to delete horizontal rules, and it is not possible
to drag/move them.  When building more capable editors such as htmlarea
( I can not see a good way of allowing the styling (without going
to HTML view) of horizontal rules.

I am considering bastardizing images 1 px images stretched appropriatly to use
in place of horizontal rules, which is a very nasty solution but the best I can
think of.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
2.Click View HTML source checkbox
3.Enter <hr/>
4.Uncheck the checkbox
5.have fun trying to select the new horizontal rule.

Actual Results:  
The horizontal rule can not be selected.

Expected Results:  
The horizontal rule should be selectable by (left) clicking it, producing resize
handles and allowing drag-move in the document in the same way as images may be.
Some of this is a regression from bug 38370 (the fact that you can't select; the
resize handles and such should be in a separate bug).

Perhaps we should have a -moz-user-select value that makes
GetContentAndOffsetsForPoint on nsFrame behave like it used to behave on
HRuleFrame?  I suspect that will solve the selection issue...
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This in the wrong component... roc, thoughts on comment 1?  ccing Uri too, since
he's been poking around in the selection code, I believe.
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This also happens in wXP, OS: All

And this problem also exists in Thunderbird, it isn't just Midas.
OS: Linux → All
So I tried doing this....  but even without any changes, clicking on the <hr> makes it possible for me to drag it or delete it.  The only problems are that a selected <hr> does not paint said selection in any reasonable way and that the target area is kinda small...
Assignee: selection → nobody
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