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(Reporter: Jesse Morgan (morgajel), Assigned: Pierre Chanial)


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these came up when I was asking someone what customization options firefox was
missing that was stopping his adoptation of it.  He is a web developer, he has
experience with firefox enough to know it's faults, and I think his opinion here
might really give some insight on what prevents a technical person from adopting
firefox and sticking with alternatives(i.e. opera). 

I'm going to take these on a point by point basis, and if you're bored you can
separate them or whatever:

<morgajelWork> what do you want to customize?
<cam[home]> like keyboard shortcuts, tabbed windows, searching from the address
bar, etc

There is no simple way that I've found in the Firefox help or via google to set
custom Key bindings.  The key bindings are there, it's just a matter of letting
users customize them.  perhaps an about:keyboard interface would work?

<cam[home]> I want to move the address bar to the bottom of the window too

While we can mangle the layout of the top of the screen, there doesn't appear to
be a way to dock toolbars below the main display.  I know this doesn't seem
important, but it seems like a semi-trivial job.

<cam[home]> morgajelWork: I want to configure shortcuts in the address bar too,
so I can type 'g phool' and it will search google or 'i riddick' and it will
search imdb

This might be better served as an extension, but some sort of address bar
customizable shorthand could prove useful.

<cam[home]> ability to automatically reload a page every n seconds/minute

Another one that would probably make a good extension.

<cam[home]> ability to do real full-screen without toolbars or anything
<cam[home]> yea, f11 in firefox still leaves teh address bar, tab bar, and
scroll bar

This one should be an option under the full screen controls, perhaps in

<cam[home]> predictive forward, if you're viewing images all named in the same
sequence Opera guesses which file is next and takes you to it

As you can see he's an opera user,  but this would be a nice feature to make
firefox *appear* faster and more responsive.

All of these are just food for thought though.

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13 years ago
Summary: Customized address bar search keys → Customized address bar search keys and other requested features

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13 years ago
Everything listed here, except perhaps the "predictive forward" and "real"
fullscreen is available either in Firefox itself or as extensions.

Ask/talk about that in Firefox forums:

Bugzilla is not a forum. Feature requests should be filed separately and after
searching it first.

->invalid (you may file different parts of it in different bugs, but I advice
you to search google/forums and/or start a forum thread instead).
Last Resolved: 13 years ago
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Customize keys:
bug 257241

Move address bar to the bottom of the window:
bug 114830

Configure shortcuts in the address bar:

Reload page at custom interval:

Full screen customization:
bug 171350
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