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We don't expose <link> when made visible via CSS"


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1) Load
2) Go to the View menu (in Seamonkey), and select "Use Style > Debug Look"

The page changes to an alternate stylesheet.  With this stylesheet, there are
links visible with text like "Alternate stylesheet ....."

These are <link> elements.  They're treated identically to <a> by the rendering
engine (styled like links, clicking goes to the href), but we don't expose
accessibles for them.  Note that you can also have an <img> inside a <link> in
an XML/XHTML document; this may affect how we chose to expose these.
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The web page is no longer available to test.
Whiteboard: [bk1]
Here's the testcase:

    :not(style) { display: block }
    link::before { content: "This is a link to" }
  <link href="">

What does the "[bk1]" annotation mean?
(In reply to Boris Zbarsky (:bz) from comment #3)
> Here's the testcase:
>   <style>
>     :not(style) { display: block }
>     link::before { content: "This is a link to" }
>   </style>
>   <link href="">

Thanks, Boris.

> What does the "[bk1]" annotation mean?

I think "bugkill 1". That's annotation suggested by David to mark bugs (that were commented or closed) during a11y bug triage session so that later you can find them easily.
Boris, do you know if this is still an issue in today's versions?
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I don't know, because I don't know how to get the accessible tree nowadays.  I used to do it via DOM Inspector, but in today's build that's telling me that <a href="">hey</a> doesn't have an accessible, which sounds dubious.

For someone who knows how to get an accessible tree, just load the testcase in comment 3 and see what the accessible tree looks like...
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