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When creating Rhino host objects, implementing variable-argument methods
requires that the methods be static and accept four standard parameters: a
Context, a Scriptable, an Object[] and a Function. Implementing the methods as
non-static with only the desired parameters results in Rhino only finding one of
the methods.

It would be nice if, in order to add MyHostObject.doThis(arg1, [arg2]), you
could do this:

public Object jsFunction_doThis(Object arg1){}
public Object jsFunction_doThis(Object arg1, Object arg2){}

rather than:

public static Object jsFunction_doThis(Context c, Scriptable s, Object[] args,
Function f) {}

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Implement a var-arg method by adding multiple methods of the same name but
different signatures.
2. Try to use the different methods.

Actual Results:  
Only one of the methods of the specified name was picked up by Rhino.

Expected Results:  
All methods of the specified name are picked up by Rhino.

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Reassigning to pending resolution of bug 288433
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Changing priority to P5 based on recent bug triage.
Priority: -- → P5
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