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Printing MathML


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I tried to print the MathML torture test page, and the MathML components come 
out as mostly black blocks with some white dots resembling slightly what they're 
supposed to be.  (Their text descriptions came out OK.)

(I looked, but I couldn't find this bug in the db...)
Attempted print with build 2000021117.
GetBoundingMetrics() has to be ported to gfx/ps (PostScript), as well as other
Just atached a diff and added 'helpwanted'. The patch is untested.
A proper implementation requires:

* support of more fonts (the current list of gSubstituteFonts[] in
  nsAFMObject.cpp is very limited for MathML purposes).

* ability to switch fonts.

* use of the charset converter manager to retrieve encoding
  for Unicode strings.
Keywords: helpwanted
Is this a Win98-only issue or should this bug cover all platforms (except Xprint
module on Unix, it can print MathML without problems) ?
Changing to All/All so that it can be used as a tracker.

Printing doesn't work in Linux (GTK) because it relies on GfxPS which is lagging 
behind other flavours of GFX. GfxPS doesn't implement GetBoundingMetrics, and 
its implementation of GetTextDimensions is still not complete.
OS: Windows 98 → All
Hardware: PC → All
Just tried this under Mozilla 1.1 on Linux Mandrake 8.2, (PostScript) 
MathML printing functions, but there are several problems.

The worst is that <mi> and <mo> items don't line up, to the effect that equals
signs appear half a line above the variables.  There are also horizontal spacing

Greek characters don't print at all.

In expressions with a complicated expression under a square root, the square
root symbol isn't scaled, and is placed in a wrong position.

Besides that, MathML printing suffers from the other problems of Postscript
printing under Linux.  CSS styles are completely lost.  Variables are printed
as non-italic.
QA Contact: ian → mathml
Assignee: rbs → nobody
I've just tested with a Linux trunk build and can't see the problems described in comment 0 and comment 7. Can some people test with other platforms and confirm that this bug can be closed?

In general, I see only one issue with MathML printing related to the thickness of some bars. I've opened bug 546044 for this.
> In general, I see only one issue with MathML printing related to the thickness
> of some bars. I've opened bug 546044 for this.

Another serious issue when printing document is linebreaking (see bug 534962). Closing this bug, since the specific issues described in this very old bug are no longer present. I suppose it is best to open separate bugs for problems related to MathML printing.
Closed: 14 years ago
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