in flashplayer, when the html object and embed tag has wmode="transparent", it is impossible in Firefox to type an @ or . because the keyboard does not work properly (alt gr and shift are disabled)




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wmode=transparent makes the flashmovie behave transparent. When trying to fill
in a form to enter my email, I had to fill in the @. It was impossible to do so
because not all keys work properly.
Copying the '@' solved the problem, but this is not supposed to be a solution.
Even a '.' is impossible to type with an azerty-keyboard, since you would have
to use the shift-key (which also doesn't work). 
A blinking cursor is also not shown...
Possibly a flash player problem?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. make a flashfile with an insert field (include all signs, also the @)
2. set in html code the swf with wmode="transparent" (in embed and object tag)
3. use Firefox to surf to the page
4. fill in the emailaddress
5. you don't see a blinking cursor, nor it is possible to type an '@'

Actual Results:  
impossible to type '@'
keyboard does not function properly (FN, Shift, Alt, Alt-gr doesn't work)

Expected Results:  
Everything what it does normally (keys must work)

Comment 1

13 years ago
Any testcase?


13 years ago

Comment 2

13 years ago
(In reply to comment #1)
> Any testcase?

I added the url: => dutch site, but the emailform at
the bottom left is where you should look. Use firefox and try to fill in an @ or
any charcter that is formed by using special keys (such as ctrl, alt or alt gr
or even shift). Good luck ;)
Removing the wmode makes it possible to use your keyboard...

Comment 3

13 years ago
I have put up some more info on the subject and a minimal test case here:

Basically setting wmode to transparent or opaque breaks 1) the flashing cursors
one is supposed to see in textfields and 2) key mappings for non alpha-numeric
characters. It appears as though once wmode is set to transparent or opaque the
character set associated with the current keyboard is ignored and ASCII key
codes are used directly instead of contextually. For example, on a French
keyboard, typing Shift+2 will return the @ character instead of " as is usual on
French keyboards; but Shift+2 is the usual mapping for @ on English keyboards. 

John Dowell (one of the top guys at Macromedia) reports:


For what it’s worth, I’ve seen similar types of wacky things happen in some
browsers’ WMODE implementations in the past… there was one version of IE/Win
where using WMODE would result in upside-down printing, for instance.

(What’s “WMODE”? Usually the Macromedia Flash Player writes directly to the
screen — it completely owns a rectangle of pixels on the screen. Invoking the
WMODE attribute, in browsers which support it, routes that rectangle from the
Player to the browser, which can then composite it with its own elements,
enabling DIV overlays, non-rectangular (masked) displays, etc.)

Most of the squirrelly combos seem to be when the browser composites SWF content
which calls upon system-specific routines — in your case fontmapping, in the
above case printing — I don’t recall browsers mis-compositing this stuff when
it’s pure SWFfy stuff without system functions, but I don’t have a large enough
sample size to be sure.

Could I ask you to drop off the steps-to-repro at both the Macromedia and
Mozilla wishlist areas, please? I’m not sure if both engines could modify this,
or if the funny code is just in one browser, but it would be great to show both
development teams how to make it happen too. Thanks!"
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