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Change old enum fields from varchars to integers with foreign keys


(Bugzilla :: Database, enhancement)

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(Reporter: mkanat, Unassigned)


(Depends on 6 open bugs, Blocks 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

I moved the old "enum" fields to be varchars, because that happened to be the
easiest thing to do to get rid of enums.

Now, they need to be changed to be integers in the bugs table, which point to
the correct varchar value in a separate table.

This is a meta bug, we'll move the fields one at a time, each in a separate bug.
Depends on: 287314
Depends on: 287316
Depends on: 287317
Depends on: 287318
Depends on: 287320
Depends on: 287321
Oh, by the way, as these changes are being made, they should have no UI impact.
That is, they should be entirely architectural changes. Any UI changes can
happen later.
Blocks: bz-majorarch
No longer depends on: 287316, 287317, 287318, 287320, 287321
Ahhh, crap! There are no midairs on dep changes. :-( Adding all the deps again.
Sorry about that.
Depends on: 287316, 287317, 287318, 287320, 287321
Blocks: 287322
Please note that this re-normalization does have a penalty to reporting...  Not a big deal, but it is what it is...
Duplicate of this bug: 398734
Assignee: general → kevin.benton
It seems that removing bugs.keywords is the right way to go with this too.  I know that mattyt proposed that the column should be smaller, but I propose going a step further - remove the field and just use the bug_keyword_map table instead.  bugs.keywords just contains information that's duplicated in the map anyway.
Depends on: 86545
Sorry all - wrong bug.  Just realized that 86545 is about buglist.cgi not removing the keywords column in buglist.cgi
No longer depends on: 86545
I am unable to work this bug at this time due to other priorities.  Reassigning to default assignee.
Assignee: kevin.benton → general
Blocks: 462066
Assignee: general → database
Component: Bugzilla-General → Database
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