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"Leave message on server" option doesn't work


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(Reporter: timothee.besset, Assigned: jefft)


I'm willing to test / debug the mail-news component, but the "leave message on
server" option for POP3 mail servers doesn't work. And I don't trust mozilla
enough to let it download my mail and erase it from the server.. - mozilla is pretty good so far - we haven't 
had any reports of data loss in email messages.  
hmm, this was working as verified in bug

Perhaps, a regression?
I'm pretty sure this works. I have leave on server checked it and it worked for
me. Hmm...Over to jefft.
Assignee: mscott → jefft
What version of mozilla you were running with? Can you try on latest build? 
Also, make sure that you have the leave on server checked in your account setup. 
I investigated some more. This happens only after mail account creation:
- Start mozilla, create a new "test" profile
- open mail, configure the account through the wizard
- go to Edit > Mail/News Account settings and set the "leave on server" option
- click on the folder and "Get Messages for account"
if any new message is on the server, it will be downloaded and erased. I also
noticed (dunno if it's related that the "InBox" folder doesn't get updated (it
should go Bold with the number of new messages between brackets .. and it does not)

However if I close and restart mozilla, further mail downloads will leave
messages on server.

I'm using NT4 SP3, and a mozilla build from this morning (pulled out of the tree)

If you need more, please tell me if there's a way to turn on logging for the
mail/news module or something.
timothee, could you try this again with M15? Yes, I believe there is a way
to turn on pop3 logging but I don't know how. Perhaps you can find it in
the mail qa page or lisa or jeff will pipe up.
Ever confirmed: true
works in M15!
Closed: 20 years ago
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Cool! Thanks for testing.
Great - I'll mark verified per your comments.
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Product: Core → MailNews Core
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