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Updates to nsLocalFileOS2


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The patch brings the OS/2 version of nsLocalFile up to a code level comparable
to its Win32 counterpart.

In general, new or revised Win32 code was copied as-is, while existing OS/2 code
was largely left intact.  Reformatting (to provide a consistent coding style)
and rearrangement (to group all static functions at the top of the file) account
for the bulk of the diff.  To make review a little easier, I've attached an
extra diff that ignores whitespace changes.

New or significantly revised code:

 *  _mbsstr() - required by AppendNativeInternal() [original]

 *  nsDriveEnumerator - patterned after the Win32 version [original]

 *  AppendNativeInternal() - supports AppendNative() and
      AppendRelativeNativePath [ported]

 *  Normalize() - previously a no-op [ported]

 *  SetPermissions() - neither the OS/2 nor the Win32 versions seemed
      appropriate;  I rewrote this to ensure that only the readonly flag
      will ever be changed [original]

 *  IsExecutable() - again, neither the OS/2 nor Win32 versions seemed
      quite right [original]

There are two other minor changes worth noting:

 *  Reveal() - now uses OPEN_DEFAULT to honor the user's choice of views
      (this resolves a personal grievance)

 *  IsSpecial() - now returns false;  in the future, it will return true
      if the "file" is a WPS object.  (N.B.  Linux uses this method to
      identify non-file objects such as devices and sockets.  No other
      platform-specific or XP code ever calls this method.)
not for check-in
I'll probably have to take your word on this :)

If the browser comes up and generally works, you got it right...
Comment on attachment 183529 [details] [diff] [review]
diff for checkin (includes whitespace changes)

Even the review version is quite hard to follow, still lots of formatting
changes intermingled with real changes to the code, but I hope I have found and
checked the important changes. Well, I don't really have any comments, the
suite still runs nicely with this patch. Or should I verify that anything now
works better than before? (Well, the SetPermissions change might help with the
multiple bookmarks problem of Firefox...)
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Comment on attachment 183529 [details] [diff] [review]
diff for checkin (includes whitespace changes)

These changes were shipped as part of the recent Dee Park alpha and we recived
no negative feedback.
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Fix checked in.
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