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Expose more designMode options to web apps


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Expose more designMode options to web apps

It turns out that a priviledged script using designMode can configure more of
the behaviors of designMode, including:

  * The ability to turn off object resizing.  It would be great to have access
    to nsIHTMLEditor.objectResizingEnabled.

  * The ability to turn off the table editing UI.  It would be great to have
    access to nsIHTMLInlineTableEditor.inlineTableEditingEnabled.

I know that we don't want to expose these interfaces to untrusted script, but
perhaps we could reflect some of these options on nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument alongside
the other design mode methods and attributes.

I think a simple "flags" like attribute that can be used to enable/disable
capabilities per document would be nice.  It looks like it should be easy enough
to implement this in nsHTMLDocument.cpp.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what the API should look like?
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s/nsIHTMLEditor/nsIHTMLObjectResizer/ in comment #0
I think I'd be ok with a flags attribute (named designModeFlags or something,
bz: yeah, that's sort of the API i was considering.  do we have any other
examples of DOM APIs (for the web) exposing a flags-like getter and setter?
I spoke with jst over IRC about this API, and he suggested that it would be
better to leverage the execCommand API.  We can basically follow what he did to
implement insertBrOnReturn.

So, my plan is to add boolean commands named:


Does this sound good to everyone?
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There appears to be a bug that prevents disabling object resizing UI after it
has been shown, but that is a separate bug IMO.  Glazman has sent me a patch
that should help with that situation.  For now, I want to just get this basic
support in, since it makes it possible to do the following:

  doc.designMode = "on";
  doc.execCommand("enableObjectResizing", false, "false");
  doc.execCommand("enableInlineTableEditing", false, "false");

Then, things seem to work as expected.
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v1 patch: using execCommand

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I'd really like to see this patch make the Deer Park Alpha 2 train if possible.
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v1 patch: using execCommand

r=brade (thanks!)
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for the record, IBM has used a similar patch I made for them a while ago. Ask
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add EnableAbsolutePositioning and it's the same patch and more :)

So, should I add the absolute positioning control to this patch then?
That would be awesome if you can do that. Then I can just dupe my bug to this one.

I don't want this patch to miss the DPA2 train, so how about if I add absolute
positioning as a followup patch?  Feel free to mark the other as a dupe.
*** Bug 294687 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
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The v1 patch is in on the trunk.  Leaving this bug open to add the absolute
positioning option.
Whiteboard: [v1 patch checked in]
mkaply: "cmd_absPos" already exists for design mode, so i think this bug can
actually be resolved fixed.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
mkaply: actually, it looks like cmd_absPos is not reflected by
nsHTMLDocument::execCommand :-(
Resolution: FIXED → ---
mkaply: I can't figure out what disabling abs positioning in midas provides the
web app developer.  There doesn't seem to be any UI that would allow the user to
abs position something.  Am I missing something?
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marking FIXED per discussion with mkaply over IRC.
Closed: 15 years ago15 years ago
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