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[FIX]xbl bound elements generated from innerHTML don't work very well


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See upcoming tetscase.
I can't access properties, methods and so from xbl bounds elements generated
from innerHMTL. 
I can access them when generated from a regular dom method (appendChild).
Attached file testcase
In the testcase, click on the "add xbl spans" button. 
I would expect that the result for all the three tests be "true" with a green
The "alert(span.thing)" button should alert 3 times 'true'.
I bet the problem is that we disable script execution on the script context
while setting innerHTML so that <script> nodes in it don't execute...

Perhaps we should just disable the scriptloader, not disable script in general?
Why do we do that? <script>s generated through .innerHTML should execute no?
See bug 214874 for why <script>s generated through .innerHTML should not execute.
Bug 116834 is what initially introduced the innerHTML not running scripts thing.

jst, was there a reason for disabling scripts on the context there instead of
just disabling the script loader?  I guess the loader disabling is not a
counter, but neither is the script context thing...

Oh, and the surroundContents behavior on that testcase is somewhat correct, per
spec -- the new node is inserted first, then the kids its surrounding are
inserted; the constructor fires when there are no child nodes.  So I would
expect to see the text we see, though I'm not sure yet why the background is red.
Actually, the surroundContents behavior is completely correct -- that
constructor throws an exception, as it should.  I've filed bug 299741 on the
exception not making it to the JS console in a timely manner.
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Summary: xbl bound elements generated from innerHTML don't work very well → [FIX]xbl bound elements generated from innerHTML don't work very well
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Proposed fix

I'm still not convinced that disabling scripts in .innerHTML is the right thing
to do. But this is not the bug for that debate.
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Proposed fix

Requesting 1.8b4 approval to allow XBL attached to nodes created via innerHTML
to run its constructor.
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