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New mail filed in wrong inboxes



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Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050511 Firefox/1.0.4 Tbird version 1.0.2 (20050317)

In the past week or so I have noticed that incoming mail is occasionally put in
the wrong inbox.  I have individual accounts setup rather than a group inbox. 
Some of the inboxes have hundreds of emails.  I will find that an email
addressed for X @ will appear in the inbox for Y @  This
appears to bypass the junk filter as addresses that are not used publicly have
gotten spam that should have been picked up in the correct accounts' spam
filter.  I haven't noticed this before (doesn't mean it hasn't been there...),
but it is more frequent now.  Only about one in ten emails gets filed in the
wrong location, and it is not always mail that is destined for an account with a
large number of messages in the inbox.  It appears that some boundary/limit has
been crossed in this scenario.
I haven't loaded the daily build as I have many emails and can't afford to lose
them on what may be incomplete software.  Thus, it's hard for me to setup a
system to try to recreate this.
If there is a debugging mode I can turn on or some logs that I can forward to
you to help, I will do so.  Explicit instructions will be needed if the
debugging mode, etc. actions are complex.
I know this report is not helpful in that I don't know what to tell you to make
it repeatable for a third party.  If you have follow-up questions, I'll try to

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Use the product for some time (since v.4)
2.Accumulate a large number of emails
3.Open Tbird and watch it happen

Actual Results:  
Random(?) occurances of the problem.

All email is scanned by the AVG 7 free client.  I don't think that I've lost
mail, but I have to hunt for it.  As this doesn't cause a crash, I don't know if
any logs are produced.  This is the default theme.  Some, not all, accounts use
the junk filter.  I didn't notice this on the last version, but that may be
related to the size of the files/# of emails also.  Firefox/Mozilla are
installed but were not open when this occurred just now.  This occured when the
PC was started/Tbird was not running for hours.  No plug-ins or other mods have
been applied to Tbird (unless AVG changes some message routing).  The messages
do not appear to go to an account with a fixed offset (ie - always the account
two accounts down the list).  Perhaps it has something to do with the mix of
email destinations that have come in since last time.

I would think this is a major problem as some people don't monitor casual
accounts as frequently as account used for support problems.  A client's problem
could go unanswered for a while because the email was filed in the wrong inbox...
QA Contact: front-end
Reporter, does the issue still exist in the latest supported 2.0.0.x / Shredder trunk nightlies?

(1.5.0.x is now end-of-life and the latest 2.0.0.x is version
Whiteboard: closeme 2008-08-21
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