attempt to move files from sent directory to subfolder (e.g. Coorespondence/Lawyers) froze Thunderbird and corrupted target directory and attempts to open it cause Thunderbird to freeze yet again.



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13 years ago
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(Reporter: Elizabeth Grace Frank-Backman, Assigned: Scott MacGregor)


({dataloss, hang})

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13 years ago
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Sent folder was sorted by recipient and grouped by sort order.  I attempted to
move several messages to another folder Coorespondence/Laywers.  Thunderbird
froze.  When Thunderbird was restarted, any attempt to open the target directory
causes Thunderbird to freeze.  The target directgory is also now reporting "one
new file" even though none of the sent messages are new (obviously) and none of
the messages prior to the move were new.

Reproducible: Didn't try

Expected Results:  
not freeze.

This is too dangerous for me to try to reproduce outside of a controlled
environment - I don't have any correspondence I can afford not to recover - I've
already lost key business correspondence.  

If you can suggest a way I can set up a test bed that would not jepardize
existing  messages (e.g. a facility for creating a set of dummy messges) I'd be
happy to construct a sequence allowing reproducability.  I'd be quite happy to
help with the debugging as well - I'm an experienced java developer (1m+ lines)
- anything to expedite a fix - I need my correspondence with the lawyer and I
*really* *really* don't want to switch back to our friend Microsoft.

Comment 1

13 years ago
Related to bug 291028?

Comment 2

13 years ago
(In reply to comment #1)
> Related to bug 291028?
The fix suggested in bug 291028 (removing the .msf file) does indeed give me
access to the directory (to my great relief!) - however, the corrupted folder
was the end result of the bug, not the bug itself.

The bug itself is that the the .msf file was corrupted in the first place during
an attempt to move files from the send folder to a sub-folder.  There may
however be another bug to which this is related - I noticed browsing through the
bugs that someone has reported some problems with attempts to move a file twice:
 #219692 .  

However, that bug report attributes the problem to a slow server.  In our case,
the move was from the sent folder to some other local folder - no server was

As near as I can recall I moved the files, then noticed that one file seemed to
be left behind during the transfer, and tried to move it to the target folder. 
It may be that the file had indeed been transfered and only a confusing ghost
was left behind - when I tried to transfer the ghost Thunderbird got confused,
things froze, and the .msf file was corrupted.

QA Contact: front-end

Comment 3

10 years ago
reporter e-m address is dead.  and ppl in bug 219692.  291028 expired
Keywords: dataloss, hang

Comment 4

10 years ago
=> incomplete, with no STR or reporter to test with
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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