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Enable fastfind to spit out an annotation for the build id



Talkback Server & Webtool
12 years ago
7 years ago


(Reporter: timeless, Assigned: jay)



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12 years ago
when i view an incident like this:
Incident ID: 7860484
Stack Signature	libgtk-1.2.so.0 + 0xf5233 (0x40237233) 4fa39423
Product ID	Mozilla17
Build ID	2005071604
Trigger Time	2005-07-27 12:30:45.0
Platform	LinuxIntel
Operating System	Linux 2.6.12
Module	libgtk-1.2.so.0 + (000f5233)
URL visited	
User Comments	Talkback for Bug 246452
Since Last Crash	0 sec
Total Uptime	0 sec
Trigger Reason	SIGSEGV: Segmentation Fault: (signal 11)
Source File, Line No.	N/A
Stack Trace 	
libgtk-1.2.so.0 + 0xf5233 (0x40237233)
libwidget_gtk.so + 0x1142f (0x40fd742f)

i never know why there are no symbols. it'd be nice if talkback could take an
annotation by build id (or range or whatever is most convenient for jay or
whomever has access to the private talkback web app) which it would display next
to the build id.

In the case of 2005071604, the comment could say "symbols for linux build lost,
use a build from after 7/18".

(for old builds where we've intentionally pruned, it'd be nice if the system
could say:
"symbols deleted due to space constraints, oldest build with symbols for this
branch is <...>" this can be done later, and i'll gladly file a new bug if asked.)

Comment 1

12 years ago
Shiva:  Is there anyway to know if a crash stored in the db was processed with
valid symbols?  I'm guessing no, but if there is a way, that would make doing
something like this a lot easier.  

No promises, but I will look into this as I'm working on the next version of the
Talkback query tools.

Hopefully this won't be much of a problem in the near future, as we are looking
into expanding the symbols storage space on HAL to hold at least a month (if not
2) of symbols.  If that happens, there will be plenty of space to keep symbols
around long enough for anyone that might be using older builds to submit crashes
that will find their respective symbols available at the time of processing.

FYI: The only reason we sometimes don't have symbols is because we run out of
space on HAL before I have time to cleanup older symbols (we currently only have
the capacity to store ~10 days worth of symbols, so people that use builds older
than that will be submitting crashes that won't find symbols available to
resolve the stacks) or there is a problem during the build process.
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