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Rename "Authenticated Sessions" to something more understandable


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There are 2 ways of opening the Sanitize dialog (although the 2 dialogs are a
bit different), one throguh Tools > Options > Privacy > Sanitize Settings and
the other through Tools > Sanitize Deer Park...

The "Help" button in the first dialog only briefly mentions what this feature
does, but it doesn't really explain what each checkbox does. (For example, I've
been seeing questions about the recently introduced "Authenticated Sessions"

I'd say that it would be OK to show a list such as:
Sanitize Items:
 * Browsing History - etc..
 * Saved Form Information - etc...

Also, what would you think about adding a "Help" button in the dialog that pops
up using Tools > Sanitize? That dialog is far more accessible than the one in
the options. (I suggest putting the Help button on the left side)
Flags: blocking1.8b4?
Whiteboard: [affects l10n]
not going to block on this but we'd consider l10n impact changes all the way up
to b4. 
Flags: blocking1.8b4? → blocking1.8b4-
Summary: Better document the "Sanitize" feature → Better document the "Clear Private Data" feature
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox1.1
The problem here is not that help docs are incomplete as that there's one
particular checkbox whose name doesn't communicate its use.  Every single other
item is a tab in the Privacy panel with associated help documentation, so every
single item is already indirectly documented (and all should be familiar
concepts to savvy users who would actually want to clear private data).  I hate
to feel like I'm trying to pass the ball here, but if *every* checkbox is
comprehensible except one, that's not a good enough reason to minutely describe
every single item in the list just so we can be sure that exactly one of them is
understandable.  Likewise, describing only one item and ignoring the rest is
equally bad, if only because it highlights just how poor the name for this one
item is.  

This functionality was originally added in bug 285440, which did mention naming
issues (bug 285440 comment 28) and requested suggestions.  Unless someone
manages to convince me otherwise, I think renaming the item is the only course
of action.  I also happen to think we can work with a longer string here if
necessary, but I don't have a final say in that.

Some possible renaming ideas are "Login Session Information", "Current Session
Logins", "Information on Current Session Logins", and "Logins from the Current
Session", but I'm sure there's something better.
Component: Help Documentation → Preferences
OS: Windows XP → All
QA Contact: help.documentation → preferences
Hardware: PC → All
Summary: Better document the "Clear Private Data" feature → Rename "Authenticated Sessions" to something more understandable
"Login Sessions" would imply that this deletes cookies for every site, but this
just clears the SSL logins.
Might I suggest "inverting" the name, e.g. "Log *out* of secure sessions" (sans
asterisks, used solely for focus here)?
I think that IE6 uses "Clear SSL State".
Target Milestone: Firefox1.5 → ---
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