new event dialog & date widgetry needs way to specify tz type



14 years ago
11 years ago


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14 years ago
Each date needs to have some simple widgetry to pick the timezone modality
associated with that date.  As a straw-man, I suggest something along the lines
of a dropdown menu with four items:

[Default TZ]

Where the [Default TZ] is displayed by name (eg America|Los_Angeles) and is the
default choice if this menu isnt touched, and Other leads to the big timezone
picker dialog.

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14 years ago
Floating could also be called "Local", FWIW.

Comment 2

14 years ago
See also bug 165963.  The comments aren't all that relevant, but judging by
summaries, the bugs are pretty close.
Do we really want that for every date?  That seems like a lot of clutter for a
rarely-twiddled knob.   I guess I could see it on the context menu for a
datepicker, if we had to go there.

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14 years ago
I think we have to go there, because otherwise it becomes really a pain to
schedule plane flights.  If we were to use a context menu, how would the
selected timezone then be displayed?  Not at all?
I dunno, if we decide that we have to have it on _each_ date/time picker -- we
use a lot of them, it turns out -- then we should get some UI guidance on how to
do that without making it really cluttered for the 90% (more?) case in which
people use their current TZ.

How does TZ input interact with sweeping out new events, or dragging them? 
Those boxes are probably the most common time/date displays and inputs in terms
of user interaction, so whatever we do should make sense for them as well.
Unfortunately, I do not have cycles to work on Calendar stuff these days (just as it's getting to the good part!), so I am a bad owner for these bugs.  To delete the tragically-large chunk of bugspam, search for gregorianabdication.
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12 years ago
Is the bug still valid? I can set timezone for each event now
This works in the new dialog since 0.7.
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
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