XMLHttpRequest not working after window.close() of spawned window

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13 years ago
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(Reporter: Felipe, Assigned: jst)


Windows 2000
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13 years ago
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I have a secure app that uses client cookies for session management. What I'd
like to happen, if the user is idle for long enough that the session expires, is:

1) A message pops up in the document with a link that says "Click here to relogin."
2) Upon clicking, the link spawns a new window (thus getting around popup
blockers), and the user logs in again.
3) Once the login is confirmed, the login window calls a "tryAgain" function in
the main app window, then does "window.close()".
4) "tryAgain" then, able to grab the function and arguments of the
last-attempted action, "tries again".
5) With the shiny new login cookie, all is well.

.....which is what's happening, except for #5. It appears that XMLHttpRequest is
simply lying to me when it says it's sent the request for more data;
responseText gives me nothing, and when I set up the server-side data-spitting
script to "mark" each access, there's nothing that indicates that the "try
again" actually reaches my data-spitter script.

Now, I *can* do a user-initiated "try again", by just clicking on the button
that performs the appropriate action, but of course that's what I want to avoid.

Reproducible: Always

related to bug 295422

Comment 1

13 years ago
Incidentally, this does work in IE, but it fails in Opera with the same behavior
as in Moz. I don't have a Safari box handy to be able to test there.

Comment 2

13 years ago
I met the same problem with a popup window. I could workaround the problem by
calling xmlhttp.abort() right after the request result and before the
self.close() in the popup window eg:

In the main window:
function do_request(url) {
          xmlhttp.open('GET', url, false);
          var result_html = xmlhttp.responseText;
          // do stuff with result

In the popup window:
function do_remote_update(params) {
   var url
   // build url with params

Hope this helps.
Haven't tested this with opera yet.


13 years ago
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Not a JS eng bug.
Component: JavaScript Engine → DOM: Core
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QA Contact: general → ian

Gabriel, please don't move random bugs that have nothing to do with the
JavaScript Engine into that component.

Ever confirmed: true
Might be a problem for AJAX apps.

Flags: blocking1.8b5?


13 years ago
Assignee: general → jst
Flags: blocking1.8b5? → blocking1.8b5+

Comment 6

13 years ago
Johnny, can you take a look at this and help us decide if we can get something
in for 1.5?
This seems like it might be related (or even the same as!) bug 307777.

Comment 8

13 years ago
Johnny, have you had a chance to look into this? Seems like this could break a
lot of people. Time is getting very short for 1.5b2.

Comment 9

13 years ago
requires large changes to the ownership model so it's too late for 1.8
Flags: blocking1.8b5+ → blocking1.8b5-


10 years ago
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