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Currently, a binary image of Java Embedding Plugin 0.9.3 is included (in the
Contents/MacOS/plugins directory) on the trunk and the 1.8 branch for Mac OS
X.  This puts it into current Camino and Firefox nightlies, and possibly also
the nightlies of other products.  (See bug 301076, bug 303161 and bug 305098).

I've released a couple of "nightly" versions of the Java Embedding Plugin
(0.9.3+a and 0.9.3+b) that fix bad interactions between recent Camino
nightlies and JEP 0.9.3 (see bug 302712, bug 302606 and  Bug 302712 is particularly annoying, and
will be experienced by everyone who uses applets in tabs.

I recommend that JEP 0.9.3+b be included with future Camino nightlies (at
least).  This "nightly" includes fixes for both bugs mentioned above, and has
been reasonably well tested -- I haven't had any problems with it since I
released it, and no one else has reported any.  There should be no problems
including it with other nightlies (the changes have no effect on Carbon-based
plugin hosts), but only Camino users will benefit from it.

As future JEP "nightlies" are released, I'll recommend them here for inclusion
if they pass muster after several days of post release testing (by myself and
(hopefully) others as well).  Each JEP "nightly" that I recommend here will
include at least one new fix that I consider important -- that happens often
and/or is particularly annoying or nasty.  I don't intend to make these
recommendations more often than about once every two weeks.

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13 years ago
As of 2005-08-25, version 0.9.3+b of the Java Embedding Plugin has now been
landed on the trunk and the 1.8 branch.  See:

This means that a binary image is included in 2005-08-26 and later nightlies
of Camino, Firefox, Seamonkey and XULRunner (and possibly other nightlies that
I'm unaware of).


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