Cookie Manager forgets sort order as soon as a new cookie is added.




13 years ago
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Windows XP

Firefox Tracking Flags

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13 years ago
I'm not sure if this applies to Firefox also or not.  (If not, I don't know the
correct component to use to file it under SeaMonkey (Mozilla Application Suite
for now) only.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open up the Cookie Manager.
2. Make sure that the Expires column is being displayed.
3. Click on the Expires column so that the cookies are sorted by that - this
will bring all session cookies to the top of the list.
4. Browse somewhere else that adds a cookie.

What happened:
The Cookie Manager list is updated, and the sort order is lost (session only
cookies are no longer at the top of the list).

What should have happened:
The sort order that you'd selected should have been remembered.  The newly added
cookies should have been added into the list, but it should have been put into
the correct location, with the session cookies remaining at the top of the list.

If I'm interested in following cookies that get added to my system, and I'm
interested in tracking session only cookies at the top, I don't want to have to
keep re-sorting all the time.

In fact, one could argue that your sorting preference should be persistent.  It
should actually be maintained across sessions, not just be able to survive the
addition of a cookie.

Comment 1

13 years ago
...and I just found out that adding in a column (such as expires - which I'd
like to always see) is also forgotten across sessions.  Grr.

Should I file a new bug specifically on remembering columns you've selected - or
can that be part of this one?

Comment 2

13 years ago
Expires column is persistent for me at work across sessions with a 9/9-05 build.
 Discussion on Mozillazine indicates that it's persistent for other people also.
 It may have been a momentary glitch, or something strange with my setup at home
- in any case, that problem need not be pursued.

But the sort order being forgotten is definitely still an issue.

Comment 3

12 years ago
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