Rendering problems, long lines do not wrap




12 years ago
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(Reporter: Jonas Perleryd, Unassigned)


1.5.0.x Branch
Windows 2000

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12 years ago
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I have noticed in FF 1.5B that some web sites do not render well.  It should
wrap  instead of being displayed underneath the coloured boxes to the right.

Reloading the page do not help.

Strange thing is that most pages on the same site renders well.

For example this one.

Have noticed this also on on several occations.  Never saw
this with FF 1.0.X.   

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  open the link above.
Could you perhaps attach a screenshot of the area that renders wrong?

Comment 2

12 years ago
Now that particular link renders ok.

After filing the bug report I looked around a bit and it seems that when the
grey area with "MEST LÄST SENASTE DYGNET" is present the page renders ok.  But
when it is not there the text in the article continues all the way out to the
right.  Effectively being covered by the colourful boxes named "IDG Köp & Sälj",
"Eforumet", "Testcentret" etc.

Will attach a screenshot next time I see it.

Comment 3

12 years ago
I also have encountered a similar situation.
Using FireFox 1.5RC3 on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

Please load this page (written in Japanese) :

The main text in the middle of the page sees no wrapping at all.
This should be wrapped, as all the other browsers within my reach succeeded in doing so. "All" includes Mozilla 1.8b1 (Mac OS X), Mozilla 1.7.12 (GTK2 via X11), Epiphany, OmniWeb, Safari, and IE.

Comment 4

12 years ago
I am using Firefox v1.5.0.1 on Windows XP.  Neither of the other examples exhibits the problem on my configuration.  However, I have seen problems with word wrapping, as well.  Browsing to the page:


the page expands past the width of my screen between the header and footer sections.  The part that fails to wrap is in the table where the "Product Description" is located, at the bottom, and the subsequent "You May Also Like" table also expands to fill that space.

If I save the source code for that page to my local computer, I can still see the problem.  If I remove the very first line of code:

   <!doctype HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

the wrapping problem disappears.

Please let me know if you need screenshots or anything further.
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